Steve Down is very creative person and a successful entrepreneur. He is providing many jobs opportunities also. His passion is creating companies and providing jobs. He is founder of Even Stevens Sandwiches, the Falls Event Center, Blue Hat Construction, FCEA and FinanciallyFit.Inc. Steve down, his wife Colleen and their seven children reside in the Salt Lake City Utah area.  Steve Down has a passion for helping others. He started much Business that created employment for the more than 1o, 000 people. Steve also pioneered financial education and coaching.

Recently Steve Down sets deals for Evergreen Aviation and space Museum Property, averting foreclosure. He wrote books for the financial education. He gave the idea trough his books that how you can create wealth in your life and can be financially fit. The coming books of Steve Down are Idea Economy and financially fit for life, these books are life changing books for life.  His thinking is that successful business people live by simple principals


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